The manual comes in a copyrighted one-stop, unique user friendly format.

Municipal Manual of Specifications, Standard Details and Design:

Section 1: Standard Details
 Section 2: Standard Specifications
Section 3: Design Modules with nomographs, charts, design examples and methodology (Design covers Water, Sewer, Storm Drainage, Flexible Pavement Design), Traffic Impact Analysis, and Traffic Calming Criteria and Standard Details.
Section 4: Policy Section
Section 5: Front End Documents (General Conditions, Measurement & Payment, Bonds, Form of Proposal, Agreement, etc.)

Features of Manual:

  1. Contains latest references to ASTM, AASHTO, AWWA specifications
  2. User Friendly
  3. Searchable CD (in editable and uneditable versions)
  4. Details are hyper linked to specifications. There is a “Quickfind” hyperlink word grouping at the head of each specification section to permit fast location within the document itself as well as to other documents.
  5. Isometric and exploded views on all details – Appian has prepared catalogues from several precast manufacturers (See our website for link to these manufactures catalogues).
  6. Detail update service available: Appian can update your details over the web and return the “updated detail” to you within 2 to 3 working days.
  7. Format can vary. Most popular format is CSI.
  8. Specifications are more descriptive (both the execution and the product description).


    1. You get our “how to” book “10 Proven Steps to Successfully Developing A Public Facilities Manual.”
    2. A hard copy of a sample manual
    3. An editable digital base of document in MSWord format which includes the specifications, design sections, and optional front end documents.
    4. 150 Standard Public Works Details:  You can select from over a 1000 of our standard Municipal AutoCAD details

Optional On-Site One-Day Training Course:  We can provide a one-day training course at your location to help you get started and ensure that you go through this process in the most efficient manner.  We’ll let you in on our tips and tricks, pitfalls, time-wasters, where you’re likely to encounter problems and show you how to get through them, how to track the complex process, and how best to introduce the manual to your staff and the public.
Optional:  We also offer a 12-month support to help you get through the process during the first year.

    1. We facilitate the meetings at your Office
    2. Handle the meetings; guiding you through the process.  We track and keep the project on schedule.
    3. We’ve been there and we know the pitfalls you encounter in the process, when introducing it to the staff and to the public.
    4. When you’re done, we’ll turn over a complete working CD (one editable for in-house use only and the other in pdf format for you to upload on your website or hand out to the public) plus two hard copies of the manual in a 3-Ring Binder
    1. Using “Go-To-Meeting”, we can handle the project in the same manner as outlined in two above “…as if we were in your office.”

Semi-annual/Annual Updating Service:  We also offer semi-annual and annual updating services.  Expect to have to update the manual to keep it current and to eliminate any errors you may find during the course of its use.

If you’re on our updating service, will provide you with updates that you can consider including in your updates.  Or, we can simply update you details…your call!

Call Tonya at 800.248.9290 and set up a date and time for us to come to your location and show you what we have.  We’ll even supply the lunch.  It takes about an hour.  As so many of our clients have said, “Once you see it, it sells itself!”

Consulting Engineers that would like to partner with us in the development of this Manual? Email us and let us know (

Free Sample Specs
( html format )

These files are for evaluation purposes only.

The Specs offered here are for the sole purpose of reducing drawing time, providing clarity and uniformity, and aiding municipal engineers in development of their own standard details. These Specs were prepared under the responsible charge of a North Carolina licensed Professional Engineer and were originally issued and sealed by Bobby L. Joyner, PE, NC Registration 08421, from time to time. These media shall not be considered certified documents. It is the responsibility of the engineer using these media to review the detail(s) in order to verify and/or modify the detail(s) to meet the requirements of the specific project and that the Specs should be signed and sealed by the project engineer in responsible charge of the project for which the Specs are intended.

These documents/details are copyrighted by:
The documents/details provided on this site are copyrighted by Appian Consulting Engineers, PA, 841 S. Wesleyan Blvd, Rocky Mount, NC 27803, USA, all rights reserved.

Sample Design Specs

Sample Construction Specs

Customer’s Comments

“None of the other firms we talked to had a Municipal Manual that was as comprehensive, detailed and easily customized to our needs. The standard details are great.”

Tom Wilson, PE
Director of Streets
City of Lynchburg, VA

“I remember seeing a Manual Appian had developed for another Municipality. So when it came time to develop one for our Town, we invited Appian to submit a proposal. Our selection committee chose Appian. The engineering and construction community have praised it.”

Roe O’Donnel, PE
Director of Public Works and Utilities
Town of Wake Forest, NC