Patents and Copyrights Held

Industrial Splash Pad: Patent No. 7,052,212.  An industrial sized splash pad used on large industrial buildings with large roof areas.  The pads were designed to kill the energy from downspouts, distribute the flow over a wide ogee spillway, and deposit the flow nearly parallel to the ground at non-erosive velocities.  65 of the prototype pads were first installed at Universal Leaf Tobacco’s 1.2 million square foot tobacco processing plant in 2002

Method of Treating Stormwater Runoff and Domestic Waste with Coal Ash:  Patent No. 7,311,844. This is a “green” BMP that treats stormwater runoff using recycled high carbon coal ash.  Research and testing by Virginia Tech was completed in the summer of 2008.

Method of Treating Domestic Waste with Coal Ash:  Patent No. 7,455,780. This is also a “green” tertiary treatment system that polishes domestic septic tank effluent using recycled high carbon coal ash.  The ash has a high affinity for organic nitrogen and phosphorus as well as other domestic effluent constituents.  Research and testing by Virginia Tech was completed in the summer of 2008.

Public Facilities Manuals for Municipalities (US Copyright): Authored and copyrighted a state of the art Manual of Specifications, Standards and Design for various municipal clients. The Manual, tailored to the municipality, is offered in hardcopy, searchable CD, or web format.  The Manual is marketed nationwide and shown at public works tradeshows annually.

Book Authored:  Authored a book in 2006 titled 10 Successful Steps to Successfully Developing a Public Facilities Manual.”  Like the manual, the book is sold at trade shows.

Book in Progress:  90% complete –“Wholehouse Mold Solutions.”  The book explores the causes and cures of mold and guides the reader through the processes of designing and either building or remodeling a home to minimize the potential for the development of mold.