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Structural Design

Our staff has extensive experience in design, construction and feasibility studies.   Our team of engineers collaborates with other specialists to define and refine a client's requirements within the context of cost, quality, functionality, and aesthetics.  At Appian, our goal is to develop safe, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solutions derived from an optimum balance of all relevant engineering aspects.

Specialties include:

  • Shop drawing preparation
  • Design of noise barrier walls and foundations
  • Signal support metal poles and foundation designs
  • Pedestrian crossings and bridges, including superstructure and substructure
  • Design of retaining walls and bulkheads
  • Design of piers, docks and boat houses
  • Drainage and pedestrian culvert design
  • Structural failure investigation and reports
  • Building design

Mold and Crawl Space Moisture INVESTIGATIONS/ Design

As part of our structural division, Appian provides forensic studies in both mold and crawl space moisture control in homes and commercial buildings.  Recognized as an expert in NC and VA, consultants and attorneys often refer their clients to Appian for investigations, design, and expert testimony in court cases.   

Appian has a patent pending on a passive system (called the Moldsulation System) designed to protect crawl space from decay due to high crawl space humidity.

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