Why Appian

From the date of the company’s inception, it was our goal to initiate and keep up with the latest technology in CAD based design and drafting. We are constantly upgrading to faster more powerful computers and software in order to remain competitive, reduce costs to the client and improve both accuracy and presentation of our work. Our PC based platform is the latest with high speed HP Ink Jet color plotters. It is our policy and practice to triple check all drawings before they are released for construction.

We have compiled a library of over 1000 standard details in water, sewer, drainage, erosion control and others. covering most of the larger cities in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia as well as NCDOT and VDOT. We have branched into GIS by offering, when clients need, drawing designs that will interface with local GIS platforms.

All final drawings are stored on back-up CD for record, retrieval and/or modification. We also perform much of our design in the areas of roads, drainage, hydrology, and structures on our computers, utilizing such poplar state-of-the-art software as HEC 1 and 2 (Floodway Studies), Pave-It, Kentucky Pipe, AutoCad, HY8, Roadcalc, TR55, HEC 12 Enercalc, HEC-RAS, Enercalc Structural Engineering Library, Fast Frame, STAAD and numerous other hydrological and structural software programs.