For the past 25 years, Appian has provided isometric and exploded view details on our construction drawings and Public Facilities Manuals; the purpose being to clearly convey the intent of the detail to those in the trenches.  Two-dimension details can often be confusing.  As a result of Precasters using our drawings to prepare takeoffs for the contractor, the clarity and simplicity of the details caught the eye of management.  As a result, Appian was asked to develop catalogues for a number of Precasters on a national basis.

A sampling of clients that we have developed catalogues for are:

  • MC Precast Concrete, Inc. (Apex, NC)

  • Albuquerque Vault & Septic Tank Company (Albuquerque, NM)

  • NC Precast (now Hanson)

  • Fralo Plastics (Now Roth Global Plastics) (Syracuse, NY) 

  • Dellinger (Mecklenburg County, NC)

  • Mack Industries (Sharpsburg, NC and Valley City, Ohio)


…order their catalogue and you’ll see Appian’s name in the border of every detail!

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