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Where Excellence is a Direction...Not a Destination.

Since our founding in 1986, Appian has grown at a steady pace adding and retaining high quality staff and focusing on providing excellent services to our clients. 


Appian is committed to moving forward in an industry which is re-developing much of its thinking rapidly.  When new approaches, products, analysis tools, and methods of design are developed, we investigate and learn about each as rapidly as possible.  The best ones, with the greatest likelihood of success, are made part of our toolbox of skills and information to assist our clients.  

Service Commitment

Since our founding, Appian has had a firm commitment to client service.  Initially, we primarily served area municipal agencies, however, that has grown to include school districts, hospitals, counties, and state government, as well as private residential, commercial,  and industrial development.

Public Health, Welfare & Safety

As a firm, we have a strong commitment to considering the public health, welfare, and safety on any design, study, and assessment. This focus has protected our clients, as well as their users, and we expect that benefit will continue throughout our future!


From the date of the company’s inception, it was our goal to utilize and keep up with the latest technology in CAD based design , drafting as-built scanning, photogeometric aerial mapping, and drafting. We are constantly upgrading to faster more powerful computers and software in order to remain competitive, reduce costs to the client and improve both accuracy and presentation of our work. To reduce errors, it is our policy and practice to triple check all drawings.

We have compiled a library of over 2000 standard public works details in water, sewer, drainage, erosion control and others. covering most of the larger cities in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia as well as NCDOT and VDOT. We have branched into GIS by offering, when clients need, drawing designs that will interface with local GIS platforms.

All final drawings are backed up for record, retrieval and/or modification. We also perform much of our design in the areas of roads, drainage, hydrology, and structures on our computers, utilizing state-of-the-art design and engineering software.  

Appian's skillset includes:

  • NCDOT Level III Certified Erosion Control Design -Roadside Environmental


  • 00551: Three Certified FAA licensed Drone Pilots - Unmanned Aircraft - Division of Aviation

  • 00070: Erosion & Sedimentation Control Design - Roadside Environmental

  • 00276: Visualization - Technical Services

  • 00338: Building Site Design - Facilities Management

  • 00433: Tier I-Basic Hydrologic & Hydraulic Design - Technical Services

  • 00394: Industrial & Yard Track Design & Layout - Rail - Engineering & Safety


Appian has met the rigorous health and safety requirements of the Duke Energy Supplier Management Program managed by Avetta. Avetta has recognized Appian as achieving Completely Compliant status as a Duke Energy Supplier in regards to Safety Management Systems. Now in use by businesses worldwide, Avetta is an established supplier management service that makes our contractor data available live and on-demand, helping to improve contractor safety, communication and compliance. Our membership of Avetta also speeds up the contractor screening process for our clients who are signed up to the program.


Industrial Splash Pad: Patent No. 7,052,212.  An industrial sized splash pad used on large industrial buildings with large roof areas.  The pads were designed to kill the energy from downspouts, distribute the flow over a wide ogee spillway, and deposit the flow nearly parallel to the ground at non-erosive velocities.  65 of the prototype pads were first installed at Universal Leaf Tobacco’s 1.2 million square foot tobacco processing plant in 2002

Method of Treating Stormwater Runoff and Domestic Waste with Coal Ash:  Patent No. 7,311,844. This is a “green” BMP that treats stormwater runoff using recycled high carbon coal ash.  Research and testing by Virginia Tech was completed in the summer of 2008.

Method of Treating Domestic Waste with Coal Ash:  Patent No. 7,455,780. This is also a “green” tertiary treatment system that polishes domestic septic tank effluent using recycled high carbon coal ash.  The ash has a high affinity for organic nitrogen and phosphorus as well as other domestic effluent constituents.  Research and testing by Virginia Tech was completed in the summer of 2008.

Manual of Specifications: Standards and Design (US Copyright): Registration No. Txu 1-788-389. Authored and copyrighted a state of the art Manual of Specifications, Standards and Design for various municipal clients. The Manual, tailored to the municipality, is offered in hardcopy, searchable CD, or web format.  The Manual is marketed nationwide and shown at public works tradeshows annually.

Boardwalk  and Footbridge Design Criteria: Registration No. TXu-2-111-467

Book Authored:  Authored a book in 2006 titled 10 Successful Steps to Successfully Developing a Public Facilities Manual.”  Like the manual, the book is sold at trade shows.

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