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Appian has extensive multidisciplinary experience in both rehab and new public works projects. Both our current and prospective municipal clients understand the uniqueness of rehab projects as seldom are any two projects alike. Such projects are often fraught with challenge and conflict. The principal of Appian himself is a former City Engineer. Appian not only provides the design, but also prepares takeoffs and estimates, contract documents, construction inspection, and construction administration during the project.

Typical Municipal Projects we’ve designed include:

  • Water Mains (New, Rehab, Upgrades, Maintenance)

  • Elevated and ground storage tanks, booster pump stations

  • Gravity outfalls and pumping stations (new and rehab)

  • I & I Studies

  • Sidewalk improvement projects

  • Roadway widening, resurfacing, upgrades and roadway rehab

  • Traffic channelization

  • Stormwater Studies

  • Flood studies, FEMA Map amendments

  • Bikeway and Greenway trails (feasibility studies and design)

  • Parks and Cemetaries

  • Block Grant programs

  • Public Facilities Manuals (specifications, standard details, and design modules)

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