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Learn more about our most recent projects at Appian. For more videos made by Appian, click here.

Triangle Tyre 

Appian provided the Civil Design for the Triangle Tyre site. Representing Edgecombe County, Appian has taken on the role of managing the project for the construction of the “Pad Ready Site” for a two tire production lines totaling 2.3 million square feet.  The northern line will produce passenger car tires and the other truck tires.  Appian also serves as technical liaison between Edgecombe County/the NCDOT and Triangle Tyre of Weihai, China.  Upon completion, the plant is estimated to cost $680 million dollars and provide 800 jobs to the region.  Appian has tracked construction and provided weekly site recon and imagery using our fleet of drones.  This 3D digital terrain video is an accurate representation of the site conditions of the pad up at the point in time it was flown.  Building pads and property lines have been overlaid into the site.

Tarboro Commerce Center

Appian was charged with developing a marketing video for a 60,000 sf shell building proposed to be located at the Tarboro Commerce Center in Tarboro, NC.  The video, based on a 3D digital terrain model, accurately depicts the conditions in and around the site with the 60,000 sf building and site improvements set on to the site. The video also shows a “ghosted” image of a 60,000 sf future expansion.  The xyz aerial imagery, used as the base for the model, was flown by Appian and uploaded into the video model.  Working with the builder, the elevation is an exact representation of the building proposed.

As-Built 3D LIDAR Scans for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Candlewood Culvert Replacement, Design and Inspection

Client:  City of Rocky Mount

Transfer Station Tipping Floor Replacement
Client:  City of Rocky Mount, NC

Bascule Gate Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

Tar River Water Supply Reservoir

Client:  City of Rocky Mount, NC

Kingsboro CSX Select Site

Edgecombe County, NC

Client: Carolinas Gateway Partnership and Edgecombe County

FEMA Elevation Projects

Clients:  The NC Counties of Beaufort, Pamlico, Pender, Hyde, Craven, Catawba; the Towns of Carolina Beach, Topsail Beach, Windsor, to name a few.

Appian provided the due diligence and developed a unique Geospatial civil package for marketing a 1500-acre Industrial Park for Edgecombe County.  Our services included providing services for assessing and compiling information pertinent for site assessment (from a distance) by prospective industrial clients.  A marketing books was developed depicting for example, existing utilities, delineated and mapped wetlands, hydrological features, traffic planning (truck and rail), maps showing location and connectivity to US airports, rail facilities, deep sea ports and US Interstate Hwy Transportation facilities.  Helicopter and drone flights were conducted and a marketing video was developed in house.  The books and videos have been distributed to prospective clients in India, the UK, Europe, and the US. A version of the video has been developed close-captioned with translation into the Mandarin Chinese language.

Westridge Shopping Center

Existing Conditions and Site Survey

Client: Highland Company of Rocky Mount

Kingsboro Business Park

Project X - Pad B

Client: Carolinas Gateway Partnership

Kingsboro Business Park

Project X - Pad C

Client: Carolinas Gateway Partnership

Kingsboro Business Park

Project X - Pad B & C

Client: Carolinas Gateway Partnership

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